1. Mary Hiett says:

    Beautiful! I’m balling! 💦 you said this perfectly! You brought The memory Of my, First Noelle, so vividly back to me with your words. I am pretty sure our girls know one another up there. I love you Connie thank you for taking me on that journey with you! 💞🎶

    • Connie Boucher says:

      Oh Mary, I know you can relate. You’ve been through SO MUCH and yet you continue to lift and inspire the rest of us with your great kindness, wisdom and beautiful musical gifts. Blessings to you sweet friend!

  2. Roxanne J Wheeler says:

    Connie, no truer words have been spoken and I thank you. As a hospice RN I see the sad, broken relationships that can make dying so hard, for all involved. It does take one person to take that huge step forward towards mending what has been splintered. May we all take those steps and reap the benefits from them. There is no score card we need to keep but we do need to seize the joy when we can. Thanks for this beautiful and wise post. Enjoy your holidays! Love to you and Craig.

    • Connie Boucher says:

      You’re so right Roxanne about seizing the moment. I’ve learned the time is seldom right unless you do what it takes to make it the right time! Much love and Merry Christmas 🙂

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