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Essential oils are the BEST thing I’ve ever found. Seriously.

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They manage everything: body, mind, spirit. Every part of my life has improved because of doTERRA... For REAL. I can’t imagine my life without them. When someone has a problem, oils are one of the fastest ways I’ve found to figure it out. They work immediately and quickly lift and shift things at all levels… and they’re SUPER SIMPLE

They’re safe, effective and very affordable. They’re smart, so you don’t have to be. They’re a no-brainer, all-natural, green way to take care of yourself, your kids, your dog, clean your house… everything! 

Why Essential Oils?

Chakras are energy centers that are interconnected to EVERY aspect of your being.

Chakras are energy centers that are        interconnected to EVERY aspect of     your being.

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When you understand the energetic components of chakras, you can have a lot of control over what goes on in your body. 

For example, when you have something that goes wrong in an area of your body consistently, you can look at the chakra that’s associated with it and clean up the energy there to encourage healing in the body.

Why Chakras?

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I have a big family, and I love gardening, making organic real food, and traveling! I’m open-minded and eclectic, and I’m into essential oils, yoga, chakras, and green living. I get excited about new opportunities and adventures. I like to stretch myself and have fun!

Over the years I’ve had health, money, weight, relationship, depression, self-esteem and life-dissatisfaction issues… and I’ve had to figure out how to effectively deal with all of them. Which makes me well rounded and experienced to say the least!

I’ve learned that life is crazy and full and filled with surprises and curve balls. But no matter what happens, there is always potential for happiness and fulfillment! You always have a choice in how you’re going to react! I’ve pushed past some humdinger obstacles and stepped up to create a really amazing life. I know you can get MORE out of your life too, and I’m here to help you.

I'm an author, mentor, teacher, and speaker.
 I’m purpose driven, and I absolutely love what I do!

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