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I'm into chakras, essential oils, growing plants, eating real food, being a grandma, following Jesus, and creating a beautiful life. I like to write about random things including real life issues and how to process through and deal with the messy and unsettling stuff that happens in life. I believe that life is too short not to live happy! I choose to dwell in bliss and bask in love and light. Welcome to my raw, real, bright colorful world!

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Winter is challenging for me I’m not going to lie. When the weather is cold and glum day after day it gets old and it’s easy for me to sink into depression and get sick. And with my health history I really can’t afford that. Three years ago I experienced a crisis when my colon […]


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When it comes to doing special things for yourself are you in the game, or do you consistently fall short? I know how it goes. . . people depend on you and you’ve got responsibilities to regularly show up, and there’s not a lot of leftover time at the end of the day. I know […]


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This morning I woke up before dawn and laid in bed noticing the quiet and stillness of the morning. The air felt cool and the night seemed light, especially for a new moon. When I looked out the window I discovered it was because everything was covered with a thick blanket of freshly fallen snow. […]


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When Craig told me he was leaving it was a curve ball I didn’t see coming. Once I got through the initial blast of shock, I determined to be positive and let go gracefully. But as I settled into the reality of my situation I resisted letting go, and doggedly clung to all that was […]


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I used to think being rich was all about having a lot of money. But as I’ve grown older I’ve come to know that being rich is much more about how you feel than what’s in your bank account. A couple of years ago I was really really sick and I realized how precious good […]


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It’s not an exaggeration to say the past three years have been incredibly challenging and soul stretching for me, and at the same time they’ve offered opportunities for growth and transformation and learning things inside out like none other!!!    For instance, I now know I can do really hard things and I’m a lot […]


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  When I was 32 I snapped. My therapist called it an emotional breakdown. I didn’t see it coming because it was brought on gradually and caused by a lifetime of mounting frustration and unhappiness. There were people in my life who saw I had a problem and said I needed help. I denied it, […]


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Recently my son Preston finished a third deployment and got a police escort from the freeway exit to his house. Normally this sort of thing happens during the day and it involves both lights and sirens, but since his flight got in after midnight it was a very quiet affair. As I followed the procession […]


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Last week my friend Amy and I went camping near Capitol Reef and near the visitors center, by the creek that runs alongside the Fruita campground, we found this amazing old tree. I’ve always been fascinated by trees. They call out to me and draw me to them and I think they’re all beautiful and […]


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You know those times when you feel like you’re underwater and everything is crashing down hard on you? THE TIMES WHEN what’s happening to you, or whats happening around you is so shocking and surreal, and feels so awful, that you can’t even imagine how you’re going to get through it! Those times happen!! In […]


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