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Do it over and over again, and you will be filled with joy.

Whether it’s just you or a group of people who are ready to be empowered, my work is to open your mind and heart and help you transform. If that's what you're looking for, please connect with me and let's go deeper.

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Do you want to get IN ALIGNMENT with your real self (the one you were born to be!) and become more confident and productive in every part of your life? Do you want to learn how to recognize and remove negative blocks, and transform your mindset and energy to the extent that you can experience increased harmony, satisfaction, and growth in your daily life? Are you interested in knowing how to best support yourself throughout a transformational process, so you can experience real and lasting progress and change? maximize your potential and become your best self, and start living the rewarding life you were meant to live? 

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High-energy motivational speaker, expert on living in alignment.

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Connie has a real raw, funny and engaging way of talking about the sobering realities we all deal with. Her uplifting speaking style helps audiences relate and shift their perceptions to see a brighter side of
As an expert in empowering others to rise up while navigating through the disappointments and upheavals of life, Connie inspires people with tips for mastering mindset, managing emotions, expanding self- confidence, improving relationships… and getting MORE of what they really want.

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There is a fine balance between executing communication that is effective and simple without making what is necessary in each person's journey appear easy. Connie Boucher is an excellent communicator, who presents content with conviction and passion. The gift of simplicity is hers, making her ability to relate as a presenter outstanding. People love to listen and absorb, knowing that if they are willing to do the work, the prize will be theirs! Connie is relational, vulnerable, humble, and open. She creates an environment of inspiration, while sharing more than enough knowledge to help you believe in your ability to accomplish greatness.

—Teri Helms

​For me, Connie can only be described as an angel. Life is full of challenges, really hard ones, and Connie is no stranger to this. Her experience, example, and willingness to share of how it is possible to rise above it all and still be full of light, love, and joy has been invaluable to me. What’s more, she is completely down to earth and a genuine person coming from a place of real understanding, and an honest desire to help you become your best you! No matter what capacity you experience Connie Boucher in, you’re going to love her!

 —John Niels Petty

Connie’s honesty and transparency with others attracts amazing people into her life. Her willingness to be seen as she really is makes her someone who can powerfully help others on their journey to being honest and transparent with themselves.

—Amy Ouelett

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