You are not your past; do not let it define you! Your future is wide open! Simply step up and become the person you were born to be!

Life the life you Want!

Your life is now and my philosophy is: Play big and go for your dreams! Make everyday good and enjoy the little things! Live full out, and have no regrets!!

If you don't decide what you want out of life and go for it, you'll get stuck settling for whatever life dishes up. You are not a victim. You are fully capable of choosing your own direction. 

Listen to your heart! Is your inner voice whispering there's something MORE for you?? If your heart is signaling it's time for an upgraded change, this is for you.

I help people step into their personal power. I give them tools to support themselves in rising above the problems they’re facing. I help people live up to their God-given potential!

I want to help you get more awesomeness out of your life! Let's upgrade it together!

It’s your Life . Make it Beautiful!

Thank you...

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My mom said I started talking in full sentences at 9 months and never stopped. Talking has always been my thing!


I'm real and raw and my speaking style is relaxed and relatable. I like to talk about everyday problems that people can connect with and I'm good at helping them shift their perceptions and see the brighter side of things. 

No matter what the topic, I will equip your group with tips and skills to help them feel capable of doing the work it takes to get MORE out of life.

My purpose is to motivate people and leave them feeling hopeful and excited about full-out living their lives! That's what I'm all about!

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Most people spend their lives trading hours for dollars while lacking fulfillment and purpose, but I just can't do it like that.

I LOVE LIVING my life so I've chosen to build a lasting residual income pipeline to create time, energy, and financial freedom for myself.

This pipeline has generously paid off and carried me through some devastating periods of my life. It's proven to be a solid "job opportunity" well worth investing in.

This is an invitation for you to uplevel your life and create true and lasting residual income. This invitation has been an answer to many of my own heartfelt prayers for help.

Partner with me in a solid business opportunity that offers real solutions. One that buoys up hearts and provides hope and healing, as well as creates awesome new friends, and raises up powerful leaders. and empowers people to excel at joyfully living out their biggest baddest dreams!!

Work with me!

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financial FREEDOM wITH ME

Connie Boucher is an excellent communicator, who presents content with conviction and passion. The gift of simplicity is hers, making her ability to relate as a presenter outstanding. People love to listen and absorb, knowing that if they are willing to do the work, the prize will be theirs! Connie is relational, vulnerable, humble, and open. She creates an environment of inspiration, while sharing more than enough knowledge to help you believe in your ability to accomplish greatness. 

—Teri Helms

​For me, Connie can only be described as an angel. Life is full of challenges, really hard ones, and Connie is no stranger to this. Her experience, example, and willingness to share of how it is possible to rise above it all and still be full of light, love, and joy has been invaluable to me. What’s more, she is completely down to earth and a genuine person coming from a place of real understanding, and an honest desire to help you become your best you! No matter what capacity you experience Connie Boucher in, you’re going to love her!

 —John Niels Petty

Connie’s honesty and transparency with others attracts amazing people into her life. Her willingness to be seen as she really is makes her someone who can powerfully help others on their journey to being honest and transparent with themselves.

—Amy Ouelett