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​Connie Boucher’s Chakra Wellness Made Simple is a fantastic read and reference book for essential oil explorers seeking creative ways to bring their being and energy into balance. Connie incorporates a colorful, fun and comprehensive approach to holistic care and wellness in this beautiful book. Chakra Wellness makes a wonderful gift, and manual for personal development retreats and gatherings. It is a treasure trove of ideas she communicates in simple, tangible terms appropriate for everyone. You will love flipping through its pages and trying her suggestions on your path to wellness.
—Marty Harger

Connie Boucher has done an amazing work in her book, Chakra Wellness Made Simple! She has simplified the seemingly complex concepts of personal energies and chakras. Her book is easy to read. It is presented in a colorful and engaging fashion. I learned quickly as she introduced all the aspects of chakra wellness, including the physical, spiritual, emotional and mental expressions. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and loved teaching the principles to my family. Now we all have a better understanding of the energy centers of our bodies.

—Beth Weight

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 Chakra Wellness Made Simple

Colorful, easy to read, and fun—Chakra Wellness Made
takes the weirdness out of chakras! Will give you a
  clear understanding of how they tie into everything. It is
   designed to be used as a reference guide adn to inspire
    you to take good care of yourself so you can enjoy the
     happiest healthiest, and most fulfilling life possible. 


Colorful, easy to read, and fun—Chakra
 Wellness Made Simple
takes the weirdness
  out of chakras! Will give you a clear
   understanding of how they tie in everything.
    It is designed to be used as a reference
     guide and to inspire you to take good care
      of yourself so you can enjoy the happiest
       healthiest, and most fulfilling life

A membership site that...
 • Shares real and raw information
 • Essential oil facts and support
 • Live webinars featuring guest gurus

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If you’re looking for straight up facts and tips about essential oils and how to use them to help you deal with challenging real life issues… and if you’re looking for natural solutions to help you get through the daily grind­­­­­—let’s face it, sometimes life feels that way!! 
Then Wellness Tribe is for you! This is a place for making new connections, where you will belong to an uplifting and light hearted community of essential oil users! You’ll also be able to participate in monthly wellness challenges and have a chance to win prizes, as well as have access to archived recipes and information! You’re going to love being part of the Tribe!

 Wellness Tribe

Transformational Chakra Balancing Program

Transformational Chakra Balancing Program


Emotional Rebirth is an 8-module course that will guide you through the process of recognizing and releasing emotional issues (blocked chakra energy) so you can restore alignment and healing balance.
Chakras are energy centers that are interconnected to every aspect of the human body, mind, spirit. They are greatly affected by the state of our emotions, and what sets Emotional Rebirth apart is an emphasis on the understanding of how negative emotions cause blocked or sluggish chakra energy, and what it takes to get that energy flowing again. Multiple guided exercises in each module can be worked through at your own speed and revisited anytime. This course will provide you with lifelong skills and tools to empower you to keep your chakra energy open and flowing smoothly. 

Emotional Rebirth

A 6-month group mentoring program to help you upgrade your lifestyle and LIVE SHINE-Y!


The goal of mentoring is to guide you through of process of going deep and getting real with yourself so you can figure things out, realize what’s blocking you, and see a way to resolve issues that are holding you back. Mentoring can empower you to stop blaming others and take responsibility for your life, and it can lead to significantly improved relationships and increased success and satisfaction in all other areas. Mentoring will give you valuable tools that can support you in developing and managing yourself optimally. 

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This is an online shopping party for essential oils, made simple! 

It’s going to be really awesome and I’m excited to launch it and tell you all about it!

More information to come soon, so be sure and check back!

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Partner with me ...to connect with,
                     teach, and motivate others.

Partner with me ...
to connect with, teach, and                            motivate others.

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Do you want to move your group and motivate them to step up, and become brighter and more productive versions of themselves? Would you like to touch and inspire them deep into their souls, in a fun and memorable way?  

Connie Boucher is masterful at drawing people in, and helping them relate to her message of inspiration and hope. Connie’s interactive and engaging teaching style empowers audiences to go home feeling excited, with skills to start improving their lives right away. 

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“A healthy outside starts from the inside.”

—Robert Urich

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