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I'm into chakras, essential oils, growing plants, eating real food, being a grandma, following Jesus, and creating a beautiful life. I like to write about random things including real life issues and how to process through and deal with the messy and unsettling stuff that happens in life. I believe that life is too short not to live happy! I choose to dwell in bliss and bask in love and light. Welcome to my raw, real, bright colorful world!

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DEFICIENT energy in the third eye chakra can look like: lack of foresight, undisciplined, “selective” memory, depression, unclear thought, non assertive, delusional, can’t tell inner from outer reality, confused about personal identity, afraid to claim own power, and schizophrenic. EXCESS energy can look like: overly analytical, proud, egomaniac, overly intellectual, mental rigidity, manipulative, and religious […]

third eye chakra

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