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I'm into chakras, essential oils, growing plants, eating real food, being a grandma, following Jesus, and creating a beautiful life. I like to write about random things including real life issues and how to process through and deal with the messy and unsettling stuff that happens in life. I believe that life is too short not to live happy! I choose to dwell in bliss and bask in love and light. Welcome to my raw, real, bright colorful world!

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DEFICIENT energy in the throat chakra can look like: afraid to speak out, holding back voice, holding back, timid, inconsistent, unreliable, weak willed-wishy washy, conflicted about beliefs, creative blocks, wound up or fearful sexual energy, and difficulty communicating own needs to others. EXCESS energy can look like: arrogant, addictive personality, dogmatic, excessive talking, dishonesty, lying, […]

throat chakra

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