This workshop is about setting aside a day to do inner work and experience transformation! It’s about delving deep and making awarenesses, shifting at a core level, all while laughing, crying and bonding with your group.

This workshop is perfect for pumping skills and enthusiasm into workplace and networking groups. Throughout the day, participants will learn in such a way that they are repeatedly stimulated at all 5 sensory levels, causing them to open up and consequently understand chakras (their energy centers) inside out. At the end of the day, participants will leave uplifted, motivated, and empowered to improve productivity and better excel in all areas of their life! 

Transformational Chakra Balancing is an unforgettable experience! 

Transformational Chakra Balancing

Connie entered into my world like a warm sunny glow with a comforting presence and made my life instantly brighter and more joyful from the first moment we met. A wise soul who understands so much depth about life she can convey more in a single knowing look or thoughtful touch than many can convey in a 30-minute conversation. Connie is truly
one-of-a-kind. Through our connection over the last 4 years I have been touched by her self-awareness, humble heart, and encouraging perspective on any situation. When I met Connie it was during a time of huge transition and uncertainty for me, but just being around her made me feel like life was going to be okay—and it was! She is one of those special people who changes the molecules in the air and makes life infinitely better just by being who she is. And even though I know she has been through so much in her life, she makes being a good and kind person look worthwhile and inspires me continually with her grace, her compassion, her wisdom, and her love for people. Connie is, simply the best!
—Courtney Cope

If I had just one word to describe Connie Boucher, it would be "love". From the moment you welcome Connie into your life you're immediately enveloped in unconditional love. As you read her writings, watch her videos and experience her live events you'll feel loved and you'll begin to understand the joy, peace, comfort and satisfaction that comes from pure love. Beyond the personal, internal benefit of working with Connie, you'll also discover that by embracing what she teaches, you'll find your relationships with others improving. And, you'll begin to experience new relationships that uplift and strengthen you. If you have the opportunity to work with Connie you should take advantage of it immediately. With Connie, you'll see an immediate transformation in your success and your life!
—Mitch Weight

Wear minimal jewelry and comfortable stretchy clothes — yoga clothes are great!

Bring a water bottle

Bring a notebook and pen

Be prepared to move out of your comfort zone!

Expect to feel warmly connected!

Expect to leave empowered with tools for living an aligned life!

Lunch will be provided

What to Expect:

Feel Amazing!

There’s so much conflicting information about what’s “healthy” it can be confusing to figure out! I’ve found that if it’s too hard, too confusing or unrealistically expensive, I’m not going to stick with it! It’s got to be fast and easy. And it’s got to work well and be cost-effective! It’s got to be something I can simply throw into my lifestyle.

Often we focus on only taking care of our body, and then our mind and spirit gets thrown out of whack. Likewise, if we focus solely on nourishing our spirit and mind and neglect our body, it will start to struggle. Wellness is a three-legged stool and we need to take care of all parts equally. Failing to take care of one will cause the whole stool to topple. It’s not enough to just be well—absence of sickness—the goal is to be body, mind and spirit FIT, which requires consistently showing up and doing the work required to keep your whole self toned up and functioning at their highest capacity! 

Super Simple Wellness offers super doable solutions for creating and sustaining
 body, mind, and spirit fitness.

Super Simple Wellness offers super doable solutions for creating and sustaining    
 body, mind, and spirit fitness.