Hey, I’m Connie!

join my tribe!

I know that life can be upsetting, and it can be easy to feel bogged down. I also know your life doesn’t have to be heavy and hard. There is HOPE!
The fix is to get in alignment with your real true authentic self, the one you were born to be! 
Plain and simple, I help people step into their Personal Power so they can lighten up and find solutions to their problems. I give them tools to support them in rising above the troublesome situations they’re facing. I empower people to create positive change in their lives.

Helping you Uplevel and Transform your life! That's what I do. I'm here to help you!

Your Life is Now!! Make it Beautiful!

This is for You!

Ground yourself by
connecting to the Earth

Grow a garden

Upgrade your habits so you can 
enjoy more of your life

Find Balance

Embrace, nourish, and nurture the body you live in

Love your body

Get plugged into your own
personal power


Support your body, mind, spirit
with pure plant essences

Use Essential oils

Develop yourself and experience
more inside out joy

reach higher

 Invest in Self Care at Every Level 

I'm an author, mentor, teacher, and speaker.  I’m purpose driven, and I absolutely love what I do!


I have a big family and I love being a grandma and mom! I love gardening, making organic plant foods,
and traveling! I’m open-minded and kindof eclectic, and into essential oils, yoga, chakras, and green living. I get excited about new opportunities and adventures. I like to stretch myself and have fun!

Over the years I’ve had health, money, weight, relationship, depression, self-esteem, and life-dissatisfaction issues. I’ve had to figure out how to deal with all of them and overcome them to the extent that I feel like I've earned a well rounded PhD in life experience!

I’ve learned that life is crazy and full, and when you least expect it you get surprise curve balls. And (tada), you always have a choice in how you’re going to react! There is always potential for happiness and fulfillment! I’ve pushed past some humdinger obstacles and stepped up to create a really amazing life.

 I know you can get MORE out of your life. Let's do it!  

About me

​Connie Boucher has the ability to reach the deepest part of people’s hearts and consciousness, and in the process, transform lives. She brings decades of experience and profound wisdom into everything she does and has taught me what it means to teach from my authentic self without getting caught up in all the inner drama that used to block me from truly shining. She opened my heart and enhanced the impact that I have as a teacher and leader. One of my favorite parts about doing anything with Connie, is that she is a total blast! 

 —Tamara Gerlach

Connie Boucher is truly a light to the world. She has not only transformed her life, but has shown the way for thousands of others to follow. She takes healing to a whole new level. Having traversed severe hardships in her own life, she understands and has great compassion for emotional pitfalls that can degrade the human spirit and will to change. Connie not only offers reassurance and hope, but actual tools to circumvent these pitfalls and come off conqueror. She is a voice of hope and healing and a guide you can count on to show you the way. I will be forever grateful for the tools she has taught me.

—Lisa Bergman